SIREN Baroque is known as the only all-female Baroque Ensemble based in New York City. Our distinctive mission is threefold:

– We seek to make known the exquisite but rarely performed music of women composers from the Baroque Era. 

– We are also dedicated to making known the music of contemporary composers who have written specifically for traditional Baroque instruments (the harpsichord, baroque cello, and violin). 

– And overall, it is our goal to bring to life and create anew the sounds of the Baroque in modern culture. 

To fulfill this mission, SIREN Baroque seeks to provide engaging, unique, and masterful concert experiences for audiences of all ages and background through a blend of dynamic music, historical narrative (lively storytelling), and captivating stage presence.

Our ultimate vision is that the talented yet virtually unknown women composers of the Baroque Era will be recognized and given their rightful place in history, that the traditional musical instruments of the Baroque will have an ongoing place in contemporary music, and that Baroque music will be kept alive in modern culture.